Pegasus 700


LOA7.10 m23' 4"
LWL5.66 m18' 7"
Beam2.50 m8' 2"
Draftsee keel 
Ballast600 Kg1322 lbs
Headroom1.74 m5' 9"
 Masthead rig 
Mainsail9.06 sq.m97.5 sq.ft
Genoa No.118.38 sq.m197.8 sq.ft
Genoa No.213.84 sq.m149.0 sq.ft
Working Jib9.47 sq.m101.9 sq.ft
Storm jib4.32 sq.m46.5 sq.ft
Spinnaker38.74 sq.m417.0 sq.ft
 Fractional rig 
Mainsail15.96 sq.m sq.ft
Genoa14.04 sq.m sq.ft
Intermediate Jib9.13 sq.m sq.ft
Storm jib4.32 sq.m46.5 sq.ft
Water45.0 Litres10 gallons
Fuel45.0 Litres10 gallons
Fin1.37 m4' 6"
Bilge0.95 m3' 1"
Lift0.65 / 1.65 m2'2" / 5'5"
Wing0.9 m

Original PEGASUS 700 Brochure text

This beautiful new twenty four footer is the "sister" of the highly successful Pegasus 800. Whilst the sparkling performance under sail will more than satisfy the race owner, meticulous attention to the interior layout provides space and comfort unequalled in a yacht of the size.

Under sail you will find her to be extremely dry, sea kindly and stable. The proven lines and sail plan of the 800 have been followed to ensure responsive naive handling and ratio makes for a stiff boat, thoroughly at home in all weathers, when cruising with th efamily or racing hard.

Motoring in a yacht of this size tends to be a matter of personal preference. With this in mind we offer two alternative arrangements. The first is an easily used engine well to accept a long shaft outboard hatch in the cockpit sole In this version, a choice of two Volvo 7.5 hp motors are available incorporating the popular "Sailboat Drive": the fuss-free diesel or their extremely efficient twin cylinder petrol

On deck you will appreciate the efficiency and the ease of operation brought about by the use of custom built fittings designed especially for the Pegasus range and seconds gained when racing, we have included turning blocks in the cabin top grab rails enabling you to bring no less than ten controls aft to the cockpit. The foredeck is totally free of fittings to trip the unwary so with non slip surfaces everywhere and a robustly mounted forehatch whilst the little lady with the boathook will most certainly appreciate the superbly designed stemhead fitting wilh its twin rollers and mooring cleats. There is a good deep anchor well and, for a final touch, we can offer a pushpit with its own built-in boarding ladder

The cockpit is spacious and, of course, self draining with all controls placed for efficient operation The carefully designed all points of sailing and two good lockers are provided with plenty of space for your warps, fenders, sails etc.

Below decks there is evident the feeling of luxury and space which has become the hallmark of Rydgeway Marine. The main saloon centres on an extendible dining table surrounded by deep, chesterfield type seating with the starboard side converting to a double berth. Above the berths are eight storage cupboards with sliding doors, one of which incorporates crockery and cutlery compartments. Alongside the conpanion way Steps is a deep sink with, to starboard, a galley unit with a gimballed two burner cooker. When th egalley is not i nuse it converts into a generous chart table. To port there is a hanging wardrobe with further dry Storage space aft. The freshwater tank is under the forward end of the starboard berth and has a deck filler. Access to Instruments and electrics is through panels on the inside of the cockpit bulkhead. The fabrics for the curtains and upholstery as well as the deep pile carpet have been carefully selected to combine with the richness of the teak finish to give an air of warmth and comfort.

In the forecabin beneath the twin full length berths is a special easily cleaned compartment which houses either a marine or chemical loo. There is also a built-in washbasin and mirror. Forward is a large sail stowage shelf. Ventilation is via the forehatch plus our novel arrangement which provides a louvred opening by angling the top main washboard.

As a cruiser/racer that offers quite remarkable interior space and comfort it must be seen. As value for money and a reliable investment it must make sense. Arrange a demonstration sail through your nearest Rydgeway dealer right away - you won't regret lt.

Pegasus Information pack ( later models)

New, Higher specifications

When you study a quality yacht like the Pegasus, you will see a particular emphasis an attention to detail which is lacking on lesser boats. We have introduced numerous refinements to the latest models which, on top of the developments brought in last season, keep them a clear first choice for the discerning sailor.

Take the table mounting for instance. Already one of the best as the table can be rotated from the usual central position to form a side table in a pleasingly open saloon, extended to make a dining area for six in great comfort, or dropped down to form the base for the generous double berth. Now there is a two part clamp which not only grips the new, bronze anodised king post tighter with less effort, but it opens to allow the table to be removed completely so that the main saloon can be made into a marvellously unobstructed living space.

Then there is the new Italian upholstery fabric in a soft and subtle weave that beautifully complements the interior materials. There's a new switch panel with more detailed functions, new acrylic washboards, integral cupboard door handles and a further development of the forehatch handle so that it can now be used as a two position ventilation stay.

That is just on the inside, and as you would expect, we gave at least as much thought to the deck where we have selected a great new range of easy running blocks for the mainsheet system with ball bearings in the optional carriage. There are all-kevlar, low stretch halyards that enable you to take the shackle down to the deck without jeopardising a splice, sail controls are now led aft to the cockpit from our own design mast heel which has 6 built in sheaves for internal halyards and 6 external sheaves for reefing lines, plus attachment points for the kicking strap and spinnaker pole controls. This superb fitting eliminates the usual tangle of shackles and blocks at the base of the mast and gives the perfect lead for all the sail controls you could ever need. To help identification of these controls, they are now supplied in an increased range of colours.

The optional Instrument Pack is revised to include new digital meter units of impressive sensitivity. The full sized bulkhead compass is lit and has the useful addition of a clinometer.

The latest models have a vernier plate attachment for the forestay ,which gives a wider range of adjustment and simplifies the fitting of headsail reefing systems. There's a new stainless steel chain retaining pin with special security clips, improved halyard and sheet winches which are down in size but up in power and quality, and new cleats to go with them which lock securely with only one turn.

Externally on the deluxe models, the very popular dark blue and white colour scheme is highlighted by a two tone pin striping which is carried on to the sides of the coachroof for a sleeker, more stylish look. The compact diesel engine option now has a cunning new shaft seal requiring virtually no maintenance, and as a lower cost alternative, we are offering the latest Yamaha 4 stroke 9hp electric start motor with remote controls and 10 amp charging which, when installed in its special well gives all the facilities and power of more expensive inboards.

The most recent innovation is the wing keel which with it's low centre of gravity and good hydrodynamic efficiency, retains the outstanding performance advantages of the deep fin keel but with a fraction of it's draft. This is now so popular that it is rapidly replacing the more conventional keel types.

Add these items to the earlier introduction of the optional high performance fractional rig, the self tacking jib, the 'A' frame gear for single handed mast lowering and you have an up-to-the-minute elegant cruising yacht that can be tailored to your precise requirements at a price which is outstanding value for money.

Part Built Pegasus

The simple way to complete it yourself and save a lot of money

Our Part Built boats are distinctly different from some of the other offerings on the d.i.y. boatbuilding market, because of the completeness of the parts supplied and the comprehensive detailing incorporated into the mouldings. They are made especially easy to assemble as our illustrated Building Guide helps every step of the way. The result is a rewarding project leading to a safe and seaworthy yacht that you will know and understand very well, and can always be serviced by you because you know where everything is. (Some much publicised kits being offered have the deck fittings attached before the headliner is applied to the underside of the deck thus trapping the fastenings and making future servicing a near impossibility.)

To give you a good start we have hull and deck interior mouldings that not, only fully line the accommodation and tidy up the unattractive side of the glassfibre, but they also provide the berth units, shelves, steps, sinks, cockpit locker bulkheads and even th etracks for the cupboard doors on the Pagasus 700. The interior furniture is screwed or bolted to these mouldings so there is no unpleasant glassfibre work to do.

The deck fittings in many cases locate into recesses or sockets which have been moulded in. Sometimes the position is marked by a plain area within the moulded in non-slip and in other instances indicator marks are shown on the moulding. A tape measure is rarely required.

Look at our top selling kit, the Pegasus 800 'J' specification which finishes up as a full deluxe boat. On deck it includes all the locker lids, hatches etc. ready for final fitting and you will see that even the hinges for the locker lids are recessed into both lid and deck mouldings so that correct location and alignment is assured. Our much admired deck fittings are ready to bolt on, after which the already made up guardrails, together with the pulpit and pushpit, can be plugged in and secured with a mere five drilled holes. That's & real time saver.

The interior comes complete with the figured teak dividing bulkheads fitted and the king post in position. All the teak faced plywood is supplied accurately marked and with the solid wood sections ready to cut to length. A full kit of plumbing parts are boxed up with a simple-to-follow schematic assembly diagram. The carpet, cushions and curtains are all finished in the normal luxury materials ready for fitting so the d.i.y. does not extend to the sewing as well!

There are many owners who have completed their boats in 14 working days. Some took two weeks holiday, fitted the boat out in the first week and sailed the second. To do this the woodwork had to be completed in advance, but it shows what can be done, and it saved substantial sums for the lucky owners. Remember, we carry out all the heavy work by joining the hull and deck. and fitting the teal and rudder. Even the cabin windows are fitted. The rest can be finished with ordinary hand tools. If you are anxious to get cracking, you can have your customised wood pack a week after you order the boat, so that you can get on with the furniture while we get on with the hull.

If you would like to talk the idea over with someone who has built a Pegasus this way, ring one of the numbers below. These owners have no connection with this Company but are happy to discuss their experiences and give you an independent opinion about both the kits and the finished product.

You can see these boats in the course of construction at our yard where you can also see many examples of owner completed craft lying alongside the professionally built ones. You may not easily be able to detect the difference! Here at the home of Pegasus yachts, where the boats are designed, developed and built in their entirety, we can answer your questions in the fullest possible way, and show you how soon you could be the proud owner af a brand new yacht at used boat prices.

The New Fractional Rig

In keeping with current trends we recently introduced, these higher performance versions with bigger mainsail and smaller headsails. These have proved to be ideal where there is frequent tacking as the smaller jibs need much less effort to sheet in than the large masthead ones. It means fewer sail changes too as more power can be readily 'dumped' from the larger mainsails and this enables the boats to carry an increased actual sail area which has further improved the already good light airs performance. The superb balance of the Pegasus is unaffected and with a greater proportion of the sail area being directly under the helmsman's control via the main- sheet, owners find it even more rewarding to sail. So popular is it, that four out of five boats we now build have this new rig.